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TEC4X is a floor-controlled multi-effects processor. The versatile TEC4X is equipped with 30 new factory-preset effect combinations and memory for 30 additional user-defined programs. The processor features an analog compressor and two analog distortion types: DOD's Classic Overdrive and the ever-popular Grunge. Up to seven digital effects can be used at once, including a noise gate, three-band EQ, auto swell, pitch shifter, detune, tremolo, phaser, ring modulator, flange, chorus, mono delay, multitap delay and reverb. The TEC4X also features DOD's new 'pixillator' effect. Co-developed by Charlie Clouser of Nine Inch Nails, the pixillator is a digital undersampler designed to degrade the signal for an industrial music-type effect. A 'CC' jack enables volume, wah, tremolo speed, chorus depth and more to all be adjusted in real time via an external volume or continuous controller pedal. Sporting 1/4-inch unbalanced ins and outs, the output jack may be used to feed an amplifier or power a pair of headphones. The TEC4X utilizes 18-bit A/D/A resolution and a 20-bit DSP to provide its wide 20Hz to l6kHz frequency response and impressive 85dB signal-to-noise ratio. Operable on a single nine-volt battery or a PS20OR AC power supply.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $169.95

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